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Manufacturing and delivery of industrial concrete in Gatineau

For floors that are subject to many demands, such as those in storage warehouses or factories, the use of high-quality material is essential. That's why we pour and deliver industrial concrete in Gatineau. For the floor of your business premises, choose a strong flooring known for its durability, shock and weight resistance. Thanks to an industrial concrete pavement, you are guaranteed to save time and money on the work itself as well as on maintenance and possible repairs. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Béton AMIX!

For indoor or outdoor use

Industrial premises have the distinction of being subjected to numerous machine passages, whether trucks, forklifts, etc. The ground also suffers regular impact (falling heavy objects, pallet movements, etc.). Due to all these physical constraints, industrial concrete is the ideal choice for indoor floors as well as outdoor traffic and parking spaces.

Many fields of application

Industrial concrete is used in various sectors of activity, including:


Warehouse storage reserves





Car parks and garages

Its strength, versatility and ease of maintenance make it the material of choice for your industrial and commercial buildings. That is why Béton AMIX is committed to delivering to you even in areas that are difficult for heavy trucks to access.

Your reinforced concrete for civil engineering

For all road construction sites, we offer you high-quality concrete.

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